Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marriage is Sweet

I love waking up next to the Farmer and I love never wondering when I'll see him next.  I love early mornings of USA Today paired with cereal and a cuddly husband.  I love doing his laundry and cleaning our dishes and I love, beyond a shadow of a doubt, laughing into the night like little kids.

If you ever wish to be married, I promise it's worth the wait.  Not just the wait for the right person, but the wait of saving yourself for that right person. Marriage is sweet; do not be tempted to tarnish its polished silver with kisses and touches to boys you don't belong to.  Save those kisses, save those touches and those feelings for the one you are meant to be with.

Marriage is sweet, my friends.

Humbly yours,

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Tribute to "The Gang"

I have these friends; they rock.  I don't even have words for how much these people mean to me.  Drawn together by blood relation and a desire to be blood related, we have developed into a group I wouldn't change for anything. Their laughter, smiles, devious plans and adventuresome spirit bring happiness to my weeks and I'm thankful I have been given the chance know them.  I honestly have no doubt that their friendships will carry throughout my life. We're an unrelated family, a clan by choice; we do not fear the end, because for our friendships, there isn't one.



The pictures above are of a surprise party we had for Aaron!

Cheers to friends,