Monday, February 3, 2014

New Place to Find Me

This URL is no longer valid.  You can find me and all my posts here, in my new blog:

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My First Bridal Expo

I signed up for my first Bridal Expo as an exhibitor in December.  I was at this place where I knew I either needed to take it or leave it; go big or go home.  I went big.  I invested some money and with The Farmer's support, I took my little graphic design business to the next level.

1.  This could not have happened without my amazing mom.

2.  I am looking forward to working with some AMAZING brides.

3.  This expo gave me the confidence and the client base to grow my business to the next level.

4.  I had so much fun.

I will be drawing for the winner of these ten thank you cards in a couple of days!

I hope those of you who came to the Bridal Expo had a great time!  I look forward to working with some of you all! I know some of you liked how we decorated the booth, if you're interested in having help, my mom did all of it and would love to help you find items like ours or even rent our stuff out to you, contact her here:

Happy Wedding Planning,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Origrami Project: 1 of 3

My favorite blogger of all time introduced me to Origrami a couple months ago.  She had some Instagram prints of her vacation made through this amazing company and I wanted to try the same thing!  I waited a couple months for the right time and I also wanted to make sure I had a good plan for how I would use the prints.  I bought two different packages that will end up making 3 projects for my home.  I wanted to share who Origrami are and what I'm going to use their product for!

Origrami is a husband and wife team that has combined two of their favorite things:  origami + Instagram = Origrami!  They take your selected Instagram pictures and print them on high quality matte cardstock.  You can have your prints look like polaroids, or simply keep them as square shaped.  The back is the fun part; each backing is a different color and has the caption you used for the Instagram picture, the number of likes you got and you can even choose to have a map of where you took the picture.  They're also delivered in the cutest boxes that you can use late for something else. I really love this company and the quality that they create and I wanted to make sure you all knew where to find them.  (

When I got mine in the mail, I went through them and I knew what project I would pursue first. Here's how I made it:

M A T E R I A L S:

-  Origrami Prints
-  Twine
-  Clothes pins
-  Pen
-  Screws
-  Drill

S T E P S:

1. After I went through all the pictures, I took my pen and wrote dates or captions onto the ones that I saw fit.

2.  After writing the captions, I began drilling the screws into the wall.  I would suggest going row by row if you're new to drilling and measurements.  This will be easier to eye, and it will allow you too see how much space the prints will take up.

3.  Tie the twine to the screws.

4.  Begin pinning the prints to the twine until you have used up the pictures you wanted to use.

5.  Stare at it for awhile.

You're done! I've really enjoyed this touch to my home.  I love standing and looking at them all and remembering the memories they hold.  

Stay tuned for more Origrami crafts,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Our New Adventure: Special Announcement

The Farmer and I both share a lot of things (if that wasn't obvious enough), one of them being our "entrepreneur like" spirit.  We both have so many ideas and passions that we want to see materialized and one of them is finally happening:  we are building and opening a greenhouse.  I've always loved flowers and vegetables, but to finally be in charge of growing food for others gives me a sense of responsibility and honor.  I know I sound weird, but if you have any love or respect for the agriculture industry, you know that stepping into the historic footsteps of the many farmers before you is a very empowering hobby or career. I wanted to take some time and explain how we want our greenhouse to work, and how we plan to service all of those who live in our area.

T H E  P L A N:

Starting this weekend (January 25, 2014), The Farmer will begin building our greenhouse.  Once it has gone up, the tables will be built and plants will be ordered. Once we have the trays we will plant the seeds and let God do the rest!  That brings us to the harvest...

T H E  H A R V E S T:

We will be selling vegetable plants (tomato plants, peppers, cucumbers and MUCH more) and certain types of flowers (Gerber Daisies for an example). The plants will be ready to harvest between April and the beginning of June.  We are not selling the "fruit of our labor", we are selling the whole plant so that YOU can reap the fruit.  We are going to be selling the plants and flowers in two different ways:

     1.  Farmers Markets:  we will be selling whole plants at the Murray, Benton and potentially, Mayfield farmers markets so if you love to go to any of those, look for us there!

     2.  "Store Hours":  This is the one that I am most excited for!  When the harvest arrives we will be having  what we are calling "store hours".  Basically, we will open the green house for walk ins for a certain amount of time each day.  When we have decided the hours we will be open, I will let all of you know!  I'm most excited for this because this is going to be an awesome chance to get to know new people and also (hopefully) see people I never get to see anymore (HINT, HINT)!

O U R  G O A L:

Our goal is to give all of the gardeners and lovers of fresh food a place to buy "farm fresh" plants that will provide food that is healthy and whole for their enjoyment and plates at an affordable price.  We want to provide this by having a personal relationship with everyone we sell to.  We want you all to know where your food comes from and who grows it.  We want you to taste the rich, fresh flavor of our hard work and know that every cent was worth that one bite.  We want you to be part of our journey through this greenhouse.  To do this, we want to keep you all updated on the steps we take to get your food from a seed in our greenhouse to your family's plate. If we spray something on it, we want to tell you what it is and why we sprayed it and if we use a certain technique for something, we want to teach you how we do it.  This isn't just about us, it's about creating a community routing for fresh, healthy, whole food.  We are so excited to begin serving each and every one of you!

If you are planning a garden, please consider working with The Farmer and I to help get you going!

With love and plants,

Our logo was created by me as part of my stationary business, White Willow Grove, and will be made into a sign to put in front of the greenhouse by a local print shop (we still have yet to decide on which one).

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smoothie Recipe #1

Over the past couple of months, I've been in love with smoothies. Almost every morning I'll make one for breakfast and they're VERY good.  There's a few reasons why having a smoothie once a day is a good thing:

1.  They taste good

2.  They make you feel as if it's 75 degrees outside...when it's really 10.

3.  You can watch them transform into beautiful colors.

4.  They are SO good for you.

5.  You can pack a whole days worth of nutrients into one container.

The following recipe is not one I make every single day (that one is coming soon); I made this one because of the ingredients I had on hand.


- 1/2 of a mango
- Handful of blueberries
- Handful of blackberries
- Half of a banana
- Water

Put all of these ingredients into your blender (I use an off brand version of the NutriBullet from Farberware, it was a wedding gift!).  Add water to the top of where your fruit stops and blend.

Fruitfully yours,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Ready: DIY Tissue Paper Flowers + 100th Post

I had this space above my TV stand that nothing can fill.  I really just needed some volume in my living room so I decided to fill that space and add some height with these tissue paper flowers!  I am not a "pouf" person, so I decided on the tissue paper flowers that are shaped like actual flowers, not the pouf balls that they normally appear as.

M A T E R I A L S:

-  Stabler
-  Tissue paper of your choice
-  Scissors
-  Fishing line

S T E P S:

1.  Lay your tissue paper out and trim it to be the desired size you would like.  This may take some trial and error but really, any shape and size works for this!

 2.  Begin by folding about an inch and a half of the tissue paper, then flip the paper over and fold in the opposite direction.

3.  Continue doing this until the paper is all folded.  Then, fold the large, folded rectangle down the middle so that you know what line to staple on.

4.  Staple the fold you just made.

5.  Now, take your scissors and trim the edges of the flower.  You can either trim it by cutting a triangle on the end, or by rounding off the edges.

6.  Spread the petals apart and staple all the sides together so that the flower looks continuous.

7.  Measure out some fishing line depending on how far down you want them to hang, then staple it to the flower and hang it from your ceiling by tying it to a hook, or by stapling it to the ceiling.

You're done!

Enjoy the volume and flowers,

PS:  this is my 100th post! I cannot believe I've written that many of these. I've loved the time I spend and joy I get from this blog and I wanted to thank all of you for taking a look every once in awhile. It means SO much! 

My Yearly Memory Book

I love taking pictures.  I always have someway to take a picture on hand.  I love preserving memories, and then taking the adventure through the past as I flip through photo albums, my phone camera roll and my yearly memory book.  I started making these in 2010 and they are my favorite way to keep memories from the year all together.  It's like having my own personal year book. Because I love making these each year, I wanted to share how I made mine so that you guys could start your own as well!

H O W   I   D O   I T:

I like to use Shutterfly for my photobooks.  There are a couple of reasons why:
     1.  It's very affordable and they have sales ALL the time.  (I wait until around Christmas to order mine and they usually have a 50% off photobooks sale, then you can make it twice as big for half the price)
     2.  I am very busy around December and Shutterfly has so many themes for the photobooks that make it very easy to put it together in a tasteful way.  I pick a different theme each year to mix things up!
     3.  It's so easy to make!  All you have to do is log onto Shutterfly, upload all the pictures you want (you can upload directly from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and your computer), and add them to the photo book and arrange them how you like.  It's easy and fast!
     4.  If anything ever happens to your home, Shutterfly saves your photobook to your account so you can always order it again.

First, I go through the pictures on my computer and put them in a file labelled with the year (ex. 2014).  Once I've gone through them all, I log onto Shutterfly and begin uploading pictures from Instagram and  Facebook and then add the ones from my computer.

Once they have been uploaded I go through the steps to start a photobook and choose the theme I want.    For 2013, I chose the theme:  Chalkboard Chic.

In 2012 I chose the theme:  Happiness Is...

In 2010 I chose the theme:  Better With Age

Once I have my theme chosen I begin adding the pictures where I want them and then I add some embellishments to add some character, then I'm ready to order it and enjoy it for the rest of my life!

Here are what mine from the past 4 years looked like (for some reason, 2011 was skipped):





Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Ready: DIY Spring Fabric Wreath

I think every season deserves a wreath, so here's how I made a Spring one!


-  2 coordinating colors of fabric (about 1/2 a yard of each)
-  a foam wreath starter (I got mine at Michael's)
-  a ribbon of your choice  to tie at the top of the wreath


1.  Cut your fabric into 1.5 inch wide x 4 inch pieces (you can do this all at once or cut as you go).

2.  Take your first colored fabric and tie it around the foam wreath and take the knot you just made and turn it to the back of foam wreath.

3. Take the second colored fabric and tie it; but this time, keep the knot in the front where it can be seen.  Continue alternating colors and knots until all of the foam is covered.

4.  Take your choice of ribbon and tie it to the top of the foam wreath.

6.  Choose where you want to hang it (front door, living room wall, etc.) and put a nail in that spot and use the ribbon to hang it up.

There you have it folks, a Spring wreath!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

8 Things Christian Girls Should Stop Doing While Dating

The Farmer and I became friends during my Freshman year of high school. I remember walking to class along side him and making jokes together.  I also remember him looking out for me throughout that year; if I ever needed a ride or needed a question answered, he would do all that he could to help me out.  In 2011 we began crushing on each other and on July 8, 2011 The Farmer took me to a bench at our local University and said, "Meagan, will you be my girlfriend?" (to quote many of our friends, "FINALLY").  One year and six months later, he took me back to that same bench and asked me to be his wife.  Overall, I think we had a pretty good dating relationship.  We successfully fought for our purity, we had fun, made life long memories and we came out of the year and a half courtship married.  But, as I look closer into the angst of these days, I realize that I was wrong in many areas and I wanted share the 8 things that I did, that no Christian girl who is dating should do.  I hope this list allows you to see the problems that may occur if you act like I did in certain situations.

DISCLAIMER:  I believe dating is ONLY to be pursued if you are ready to enter into marriage. If you don't want to get married anytime soon, don't date! 

1.  Stop assuming that every girl your boyfriend talks to is the "other woman".  I had a very wise youth leader explain it this way:  men will always find beauty, even in women who are not theirs, BUT the woman he loves and has committed his time and life to will always shine brighter than all the others; to him a girl may have a pretty feature, but she can't even compare to all the beauty he sees in you.

2.  Stop controlling his time.  Your man has friends to, ya know.  When he wants to go out to play basketball or go see a war movie, there are two things to keep in mind:  1.  Don't get angry that he wants to spend time playing basketball a couple nights a week "instead of hanging out with you", and 2.  don't always invite yourself.  If it turns into a group endeavor, go for it, but sometimes guys need to be with just guys.  Would you want him to come stay up until 2 in the morning watching chick flicks, reading magazines and talking about Prom with all your best friends?

3.  Stop getting mad when he doesn't want to come over to your house every single night.  There are a couple reasons why he will choose not to come:  1.  If he's like The Farmer, he works...a lot.  Be thankful that you have a boyfriend who works hard and understand that he is probably exhausted and would rather go to bed early so that he can spend more time with you the coming weekend.  2.  If he is truly a Christian guy, he will understand how real the temptation of sexual immorality is, and he may even be tempted before you guys hang out that night.  When he calls and says he doesn't think hanging out is a good idea tonight, understand that it's for the best for both of you.

4.  Stop planning your wedding together before you're engaged.  If he has not put a ring on it, it's probably not a good idea to be preparing for your big day.  That time will come when it's right for both of you.  This can be very emotionally damaging (to girls specifically); by already talking about your wedding and naming your kids, you are setting yourself up for a huge heartbreak if things don't go as YOU planned.

5.  Stop acting like you're married.  This is equally as important to purity as the physical aspect is.  When you act like your married, you are giving him a piece of your heart that you will never get back, and if you guys break up, then you are going to lose a huge part of yourself because you put so much of "you" into him.  Marriage is amazing, but it's worth waiting on.

6.  Stop doing Bible study together.  Just like I said before, this is very dangerous to both of you.  I understand that you want to know him on a spiritual level; you want to know how he knows God and how he may lead you, but if you breakup, you are not just losing a boyfriend or a best friend, you're losing an accountability partner and a Bible study partner and that WILL affect your relationship with God.  Leave the Bible study and accountability to your girls.  (If you have a desire to have meaningful conversations, I suggest reading a book series together like The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and maybe even Hunger Games. This will keep temptation away and allow you guys to get to know each other on a different level without breeching into the world of analyzing the Bible together.)

7.  Stop expecting him to be the holiest, most theological Christian man in the world.  Do you still sin? Okay then, so will he. By expecting him to be as wise and theologically sound as Paul you are setting him up for failure and YOU will only end up being angry with him. Let him grow in his faith and someday, he may very well be a theologian or at least a Christian man who will lead you to better things than this world has to offer. The best thing you can do for him, is pray for him and his future...whether that future has you in it or not.

8.  Stop being alone in tempting situations together.  Even though your parents are just down the hall, if it's dark outside, with a movie playing and a couch or bed to lay on, temptation WILL happen and you may fall into it.  Do not be an ignorant Christian; do not assume that you and him are exempt from the temptation of sex, you're not.

If you girls have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to email me:

PS:  The Dress-A-Thon is in 17 days!  Sign up by clicking the tab, "Dress-A-Thon Sign Ups"!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Spring Ready: DIY Gum Drop Pillow

Like I said in my DIY Fabric Wrapped Jar or Vase post, I have been wanting to add some color to my home during these Winter months.  I am slowly but surely making my home "Spring Ready"and this DIY is another step in the process.  I hope to have all kinds of spring colors in my home to get me excited for the warm months ahead.


-  2 yds of fabric

-  scissors

-  sewing machine

-  small pillow filler or stuffing for a pillow


1.  First, decide how large you want your pillow to be.  Once you have decided, make 8 triangles that are cut the same size that you choose.  (Keep in mind while you are cutting, the pillow filler that I had was square so I took the stuffing that was inside the pillow and put it in pillow I was making, SO the pillow does not have to be large enough to fit the filler if you do not want it to be!)

2.  Sew the triangles together.  (Line up the points and sew)  Once you have finished sewing them all together, trim the corners to make it a circle.

3.  Cut out a small circle from your fabric and sew it on top of the center of the triangles.

4.  Take the sewn triangles that you just made and put it face to face with the left over part of your fabric and trace the circle.

5.  Cut out what you just traced.

6.  Lay both circles face to face onto each other and sew them together until you have about 3 inches of "un-sewn" fabric.

7.  Cut open the pillow filler and begin putting the stuffing into the pillow you are making.

8.  Sew the opening closed and you are done!

With love, color and pillows,

PS: Don't forget to sign up for the Dress-A-Thon while you're here!