Monday, January 27, 2014

Origrami Project: 1 of 3

My favorite blogger of all time introduced me to Origrami a couple months ago.  She had some Instagram prints of her vacation made through this amazing company and I wanted to try the same thing!  I waited a couple months for the right time and I also wanted to make sure I had a good plan for how I would use the prints.  I bought two different packages that will end up making 3 projects for my home.  I wanted to share who Origrami are and what I'm going to use their product for!

Origrami is a husband and wife team that has combined two of their favorite things:  origami + Instagram = Origrami!  They take your selected Instagram pictures and print them on high quality matte cardstock.  You can have your prints look like polaroids, or simply keep them as square shaped.  The back is the fun part; each backing is a different color and has the caption you used for the Instagram picture, the number of likes you got and you can even choose to have a map of where you took the picture.  They're also delivered in the cutest boxes that you can use late for something else. I really love this company and the quality that they create and I wanted to make sure you all knew where to find them.  (

When I got mine in the mail, I went through them and I knew what project I would pursue first. Here's how I made it:

M A T E R I A L S:

-  Origrami Prints
-  Twine
-  Clothes pins
-  Pen
-  Screws
-  Drill

S T E P S:

1. After I went through all the pictures, I took my pen and wrote dates or captions onto the ones that I saw fit.

2.  After writing the captions, I began drilling the screws into the wall.  I would suggest going row by row if you're new to drilling and measurements.  This will be easier to eye, and it will allow you too see how much space the prints will take up.

3.  Tie the twine to the screws.

4.  Begin pinning the prints to the twine until you have used up the pictures you wanted to use.

5.  Stare at it for awhile.

You're done! I've really enjoyed this touch to my home.  I love standing and looking at them all and remembering the memories they hold.  

Stay tuned for more Origrami crafts,