Friday, January 24, 2014

Our New Adventure: Special Announcement

The Farmer and I both share a lot of things (if that wasn't obvious enough), one of them being our "entrepreneur like" spirit.  We both have so many ideas and passions that we want to see materialized and one of them is finally happening:  we are building and opening a greenhouse.  I've always loved flowers and vegetables, but to finally be in charge of growing food for others gives me a sense of responsibility and honor.  I know I sound weird, but if you have any love or respect for the agriculture industry, you know that stepping into the historic footsteps of the many farmers before you is a very empowering hobby or career. I wanted to take some time and explain how we want our greenhouse to work, and how we plan to service all of those who live in our area.

T H E  P L A N:

Starting this weekend (January 25, 2014), The Farmer will begin building our greenhouse.  Once it has gone up, the tables will be built and plants will be ordered. Once we have the trays we will plant the seeds and let God do the rest!  That brings us to the harvest...

T H E  H A R V E S T:

We will be selling vegetable plants (tomato plants, peppers, cucumbers and MUCH more) and certain types of flowers (Gerber Daisies for an example). The plants will be ready to harvest between April and the beginning of June.  We are not selling the "fruit of our labor", we are selling the whole plant so that YOU can reap the fruit.  We are going to be selling the plants and flowers in two different ways:

     1.  Farmers Markets:  we will be selling whole plants at the Murray, Benton and potentially, Mayfield farmers markets so if you love to go to any of those, look for us there!

     2.  "Store Hours":  This is the one that I am most excited for!  When the harvest arrives we will be having  what we are calling "store hours".  Basically, we will open the green house for walk ins for a certain amount of time each day.  When we have decided the hours we will be open, I will let all of you know!  I'm most excited for this because this is going to be an awesome chance to get to know new people and also (hopefully) see people I never get to see anymore (HINT, HINT)!

O U R  G O A L:

Our goal is to give all of the gardeners and lovers of fresh food a place to buy "farm fresh" plants that will provide food that is healthy and whole for their enjoyment and plates at an affordable price.  We want to provide this by having a personal relationship with everyone we sell to.  We want you all to know where your food comes from and who grows it.  We want you to taste the rich, fresh flavor of our hard work and know that every cent was worth that one bite.  We want you to be part of our journey through this greenhouse.  To do this, we want to keep you all updated on the steps we take to get your food from a seed in our greenhouse to your family's plate. If we spray something on it, we want to tell you what it is and why we sprayed it and if we use a certain technique for something, we want to teach you how we do it.  This isn't just about us, it's about creating a community routing for fresh, healthy, whole food.  We are so excited to begin serving each and every one of you!

If you are planning a garden, please consider working with The Farmer and I to help get you going!

With love and plants,

Our logo was created by me as part of my stationary business, White Willow Grove, and will be made into a sign to put in front of the greenhouse by a local print shop (we still have yet to decide on which one).