Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Ready: DIY Tissue Paper Flowers + 100th Post

I had this space above my TV stand that nothing can fill.  I really just needed some volume in my living room so I decided to fill that space and add some height with these tissue paper flowers!  I am not a "pouf" person, so I decided on the tissue paper flowers that are shaped like actual flowers, not the pouf balls that they normally appear as.

M A T E R I A L S:

-  Stabler
-  Tissue paper of your choice
-  Scissors
-  Fishing line

S T E P S:

1.  Lay your tissue paper out and trim it to be the desired size you would like.  This may take some trial and error but really, any shape and size works for this!

 2.  Begin by folding about an inch and a half of the tissue paper, then flip the paper over and fold in the opposite direction.

3.  Continue doing this until the paper is all folded.  Then, fold the large, folded rectangle down the middle so that you know what line to staple on.

4.  Staple the fold you just made.

5.  Now, take your scissors and trim the edges of the flower.  You can either trim it by cutting a triangle on the end, or by rounding off the edges.

6.  Spread the petals apart and staple all the sides together so that the flower looks continuous.

7.  Measure out some fishing line depending on how far down you want them to hang, then staple it to the flower and hang it from your ceiling by tying it to a hook, or by stapling it to the ceiling.

You're done!

Enjoy the volume and flowers,

PS:  this is my 100th post! I cannot believe I've written that many of these. I've loved the time I spend and joy I get from this blog and I wanted to thank all of you for taking a look every once in awhile. It means SO much!